New Hope 101

Welcome to New Hope!


Our Vision:

We envision a world in which survivors of human trafficking are restored to freedom and equipped to make choices that continue their freedom throughout life. In pursuit of our vision, we offer a safe haven within a Christian community of supporters who promote hope and healing through spiritual intervention and therapeutic services.

Our Purpose:

The trafficking of human lives is a terrible crime. It’s huge, and it’s growing every year. Despite it’s horrific toll, at the time of our formation, a very serious dearth of resources exists to restore survivors of trafficking. This is especially true for children.

New Hope was founded in 2015 to help answer this need. We’re building a program of restoration for child victims of trafficking to be provided within a safe, stable home. The program is individualized to address the specific needs of each girl and the unique challenges of her experiences. The end goal is always complete restoration to a life that includes all the possibilities the girl might choose for herself including family, career, education and a fulfilling place in community.

Our Philosophy:

New Hope seeks to impact the young lives entrusted to us through leadership that emphasizes compassion, integrity, love and servanthood. Our program features best practices in the treatment of trauma survivors with attention to healing for the “whole person”, body, mind and spirit. Our program is built upon Christian faith and ideals, but we welcome girls of any faith without bias and believe that all survivors, regardless of faith, can benefit from our program and contribute positively to it.

We believe in the healing benefit of family and community and seek to restore each girl to their family where that is safe and appropriate. When it is not, we endeavor to provide that family and community for her, not just temporarily, but for the long term, to give her anchors to help and support her into adulthood.

New Hope provides services to girls age 11 through 17.  We will assist in finding placement for boys or girls that are younger or older as well.  Services are provided without cost to the girls themselves and without regard to color, nationality, or religious belief. Girls are selected solely on their willingness to engage the program, to participate in their own healing, and to work cooperatively with other students and staff of the shelter.

New Hope’s service features and shelter goals:

  • Best practices in treatment of trauma survivors
  • Trauma informed training for all staff
  • Therapeutic objectives emphasize the whole person
  • Small family like environment with a maximum of 8 girls in a home
  • Objectives that help build community and family both on and off site
  • Quality education
  • Health, dental, vision, counseling and substance abuse care provided on or off site
  • Opportunities that help build a well rounded person such as
    • Art
    • Music
    • Sports
    • Dance
    • Life skills training
    • Animals
    • Gardening
  • No cost to the girls themselves

“Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.” Ps 127:3 NLT

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