Ready To Get Involved?

Volunteers are key to our existence, we really couldn’t do without them!  We would like to thank you in advance for your desire to serve survivors and your willingness to give your time.

Dive Right In!

One of the most helpful actions for many volunteers is to begin with a “Volunteer Questionnaire.”  This online form only requires about 1 – 2 minutes to complete and is a great tool to let us get to know you and to let you see some ways you might engage with New Hope!  Just click this link to get started!

Get Trained

A great way to get started and find just the right fit is to attend one of our trainings.  You’ll learn about trafficking in the US, tactics of traffickers and how to spot trafficking victims as well as hurdles you may face in trying to intervene for them. We’ll also discuss the effects of trauma on behavior and how it affects the recovery of survivors.

Although training isn’t required for every position, it will provide you with an excellent background and we highly recommend that all volunteers be trained.  You can follow the link below and check dates for our upcoming trainings.

   New Hope Training Calendar

Special Needs

In addition to our normal ongoing volunteer needs, we occasionally have need of individuals with certain skills to complete one specific job.  You can find postings for these positions on our bulletin board below.  Just click the “Post-It” for the job you’re interested in to receive more information.  Unless specifically stated otherwise, all positions are volunteer.  (If the links fail to open in your browser, just contact us through the form below.)

Volunteer Positions

Photographer Graphic Artist

Can I Get More Information?

If you’d prefer to just email us with a question or comment instead, you can use the form below.  We do our best to match volunteers to their areas of interest and areas of strength.  Your request will be answered as quickly as possible, but definitely by the following business day.  Thanks again for your interest in restoring trafficked kids!

Contact New Hope

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Feel free to let us know how you'd like to volunteer, or you can ask a question or simply leave a comment below.

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