The Cycle

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It’s through life, this cycle, it’s endless really.  This cycle, when we are very young we begin to see it.  It normally starts when we want something. We are either in need, needing something, or we are supplying a need.  Fairly simple really, I’m young I need my parents to supply my food and some place to be warm and safe.  When I’m older I need to supply these things for my parents, help them with what they helped me with.

It all became very apparent to me when my mom got Alzheimer’s and I was driving her to get groceries and a car pulled out in front of me. I stuck out my hand to keep my mom from hitting the dash of my car. How many times had this played out in reverse!  I had become the parent of my parent!  We were all young and helpless at one time, not able to fend for ourselves and not knowing the rules of life or family, not understanding what was right or wrong, needing someone to love and teach us.

During the recent snow week I had thirteen lambs born, helpless little things depending on mom to feed them, to show them how to stay out of the snow and what animals to avoid. My job was to provide for mom, water three times a day as it would freeze quickly, hay as ground was covered with snow, and a little salt to make sure they drank enough water.

In three months the lambs will provide for me as they will be old enough to sell or eat!  The snow and cold are gone now so God has taken my place and is providing the moms with all the grass they can eat and the lambs are growing and getting fat!

Moral of this story? Really just wanted to show you  pictures of my lambs!  In this cycle we call life we have a place, sometimes we need help, sometimes we are the helper, sometimes it all makes sense, sometimes nothing makes sense!!  We just can’t forget that we were all weak and in need once and will be again. Let’s take time to look around and see who is in need and what we can do, not equal giving just equal sacrifice.  After all, the One true Shepard is what true sacrifice looks like.

Where are you in this cycle? We all have a place.

Carl HudsonThe Cycle

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