God’s Work In Us

The Cycle

In this cycle we call life we have a place

Divine Purpose

As I was considering this post, I was inclined to wonder if possibly… these two blessed individuals… were really just like you and me.

When Dreams Become Nightmares

I hope this real-life example helps you understand it is not always easy for victims to find a way to escape.

My Sister’s Story

I never thought that human trafficking would ever come so close to me. I never expected it to affect my life, but it has in a terrible way

Spirituality and Therapy

I wondered myself when I was a baby therapist still in graduate school about how I would make my faith and the science of psychology meld together.

Musings of a Sheepdog

I was recently thinking about when Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved Him, and three times told him to feed His sheep. I know I love my Lord; but am I really feeding His sheep?

Wrapped In Light

It's not crazy of me to hope for peaceful times and lights surrounding me and hope... And to feel the swell of my soul being loved. But if I can have it in my little world then it's not just mine to have.