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My Sister’s Story


In a perfect world, nobody should ever be forced into doing something he or she does not want to do. Unfortunately, many people are forced to do something against their will. I never thought that human trafficking would ever come so close to me. I never expected it to affect my life, but it has in a terrible way through my younger sister, who fell victim to trafficking in small town Arkansas. I am now passionate about bringing awareness to others and helping those who have experienced human trafficking.

Growing up, my sister and I were always close. She was outgoing, bubbly, and friendly. She always had a contagious smile to share with anyone she met. She was always spontaneously getting lost in music and dancing, which is one of the things I loved about her. I can remember how she was always there to lend a helping hand. Behind all of that though, she was a strong-willed and determined daughter, sister, and friend.

My sister was on the road to a bright and successful future and had three beautiful children, but all of that changed when she became dependent on drugs. The effects of the drugs were so gradual she did not see the danger ahead. That bright road turned dark, causing her to lose her job and, eventually, custody of her children.

My sister had a deep desire to be loved by someone. She found that love in a man who also, unfortunately, provided her with drugs. He exploited her vulnerability. He promised to care, to love, and to provide for her. Over time, he convinced her to leave her family and friends behind.

When my sister left, we never knew when she would come home for a visit. We could not understand how she would choose to leave her children behind. A lot of things factored into her staying away. Her absence became more than we could bear as a family, but we continued to pray, believing God would keep His protecting hands over her.

When she did come home, she constantly checked her phone to make sure she had not missed a call from her “boyfriend.” When we tried to talk to her about him, she would get mad and become defensive. Her excuses for him just did not make sense.

In time, our visits with her grew shorter. She had never let anyone tell her what, why, or how to do anything. We could not understand why she was allowing someone she barely knew to control and manipulate her. My sister remained a human trafficking victim for a year and a half.

A trafficker’s goal is to make a profit off of his or her victims. For some reason the traffickers targeted my sister. He made her all sorts of promises, and she believed them all. Her desire to be loved blinded her to his manipulations.

Once he quit receiving a profit off of her, he decided it was time for her to go. The plan was to give her some strong drugs, hoping it would kill her. The failed “overdose,” along with prayers from her family and friends, are what brought my sister back to reality. She made the decision to break the emotional bond with her trafficker and to stay away from him for good.

After spending some time in the ER with her, I did some research, where I found a “safe house.” She spent eight weeks there, clearing her mind of the brainwashing and abuse that took place. As her older sister, I was so thrilled to watch her go through the process. While she was still not the same bubbly sister I remembered, she was still getting help to regain her confidence. Before my sister’s experience with this terrible crime, I did not realize the amount of emotional damage human trafficking can do to a victim.

Her physical injuries healed, but her emotional scars will last a lifetime. She is only one of thousands of victims who suffer at the hands of traffickers every day. To the victims of human trafficking, I hope this encourages you to find help and see there is safety on the other side. There is light on the other side, and someone will be there to help you. Always remember the situation you are currently in does not define you. Escape is possible.

For the rest of us readers, stay aware of others around you. You never know the impact you may have on someone. Educating myself about human trafficking was one of the greatest things I could do.

Experiencing the fallout of my sister being a victim of human trafficking has given me more insight on how traffickers work to find their victims. Human trafficking affects not just the victims, but also their family and friends. It might seem impossible for only one person to fight human trafficking. If we as citizens can come together, however, we could bring human trafficking to an end. How, you ask? One victim at a time, just like my sister.

DomicaMy Sister’s Story


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  • Liz Mc - September 3, 2020 reply

    I am so sorry your sister went through this. I am so glad you were called to help expose this terrible crime. Your story is beautifully written and shows you do care for your sister and those who have been victims of sex trafficking. I will be praying for you and the victims as you start your service journey. God bless and protect you❣️

    Karen Baars - September 3, 2020 reply

    First of all, I am so very sorry that your sister and your family went through this horrific experience, and I give thanks to our God for bringing her back safely into her family’s loving arms. I pray for healing. Your sister’s story, though tragic, is also inspirational- giving hope to trafficking victims that there can be a way out of the darkness. Hers has a happy ending; sadly, many don’t. We never expect things like this to happen to us, or to someone we know and love, especially in our little towns. We now know that it can happen anywhere- to anyone. Thank you for bringing awareness to this devastating crime that has far too many victims.

  • Jalena - September 3, 2020 reply

    Thank you for your sister story and yours. More people need to here these so they know they are real and real in small towns. Love and prayers sent to y’all.

  • Paige - September 3, 2020 reply

    Very informative. I would like to do some more research on the different types of trafficking to be more aware. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  • Jeri Bland - September 3, 2020 reply

    This story makes me cry. What she went thru was very sad. She has such a wonderful family and support system I’m so proud that domica was there and got her out of it. I support domica in what she has chose to do with her life I’m so proud of her.

  • Hailey - September 3, 2020 reply

    Your story is inspirational. I cannot imagine having seen, and going through what your sister and you have. I pray for gods healing to continue to help your sister and also lead her in the right direction.

    rythym jones - September 3, 2020 reply

    I feel like God made you the big sister because He knew you would be an awesome big sister to all of us. Love you❤

  • Ashley Weatherl - September 3, 2020 reply

    Mica very good article be praying for your sister!

  • Joel Dillahunty - September 3, 2020 reply

    Full disclosure, I know this family and they are practically family.
    Circumstances can make us bitter or better, the choice is ours and ours alone.
    Domica has lived a life experience that is sadly all too common. She continues to learn from her experiences to better her self, her family and others. She understands that change begins with one person.

  • Gwen Ford Faulkenberry - September 4, 2020 reply

    I’m so proud of you for using your voice to educate us and advocate for victims. I’m so sickened to know this happened in a place I love, a place that means joy and safety to me. I want to help you fight it. I don’t want this to happen to any more of our people.
    Keep shining your light and leading us all to be smarter and better.
    I love you,

  • Sarah P - September 4, 2020 reply

    Hearing this story breaks my heart and also brings me light ? you guys were my family for so long and ________ always had such an uplifting spirit about her and I remember when things changed for her it was hard to watch her going down that path so eventually our ties where cut. I’m so glad that she’s had all of y’all to stay strong and help her fight! And I can’t wait for her final outcome in life to be as amazing as it can be. I love you guys ??

  • Deidra Mantooth - September 4, 2020 reply

    Great article! I’m so glad that you are bringing more light to this subject in little towns! I’m sorry for what you and your sister have gone through. I’m glad she is one that made it out! God can bring us through anything. You amaze me everyday how strong and brave you are!! I know you will do great things!!!

  • Heather Robison - September 4, 2020 reply

    Your are such a Guiding Light! Not just for you family, whom you fiercely love and defend, and those you know, but to ALL! To take such a huge, horrific act of evil, and use it as a steppingstone to warn and educate others! There is a reason God made you “Big Sister”. Not only will you help, one person at a time, you will educate many a time, giving them the courage and knowledge to follow! Praying for you, your precious family, and those who have the courage to speak up and make a change!

  • Tammy Verkamp - September 4, 2020 reply

    You have a generous, beautiful soul, and I know that you will find wonderful ways to help many people. I want to share one of my favorite quotes by Mother Teresa: “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” You will make a difference in this ocean of despair called human trafficking because saving and healing broken hearts is your calling. Praying always for you, for your family, and for your efforts to educate and liberate the world from this senseless violence of body and soul.

  • Cheryl - September 4, 2020 reply

    Praying for your sister and all victims

  • Rhonda - September 4, 2020 reply

    Thank you for sharing your journey. May your sister continue to heal and bless you for having the strength to help your sister and reach out to others too. God bless you!

  • Andrew - September 6, 2020 reply

    What a moving story! You have such a kind heart for others, and your willingness to help your sister out of that toxic relationship goes to show your compassionate soul. Thank you for sharing this phenomenal writing, both tragic to read yet hopeful to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for victims of human trafficking. Truly eye-opening! Praying for your family!

  • Michaela Hatfield - October 14, 2020 reply

    This is such an amazing article! I really loved how concise and informative it is from a perspective of someone who has had first hand encounters with something like this. This article really sheds light on the family and their perspective of the situation. True strength come from within and your sister has true strength.

  • Christie - October 29, 2020 reply

    What a beautiful and heart-wrenching story. We truly never know the path our lives will take and how the choices others make will affect us. Thank you for sharing your story; it’s inspiring and educational. Praying for your family. God bless!

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