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New Hope is excited for this fall! We have so many plans in the works, and we could use your help. If you are reading this and have been wondering how you could help, now is the time! I will give more instructions on what we need and how to get started below. Although the corona virus has slowed a few things down for us, other ideas and projects have been growing leaps and bounds. God is good and works in mysterious ways!

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Child Trafficking and Covid
The pandemic has been a miserable experience for everyone to say the least. It’s hurt the economy, mental health, and almost every aspect of our lives. It’s also had a negative effect on human trafficking. We know that traffickers prey on the most vulnerable of our population. People are out of work and kids have less access to schools where their needs are usually met; this creates a breeding ground for traffickers. These issues are happening in our own backyard and on a global scale. 

“The pandemic is also creating a new class of victims. In both the United States and United Kingdom, young women who cannot afford to pay their rents, or are financially vulnerable, are being subject to sextortion by their landlords. According to a survey by the U.S.-based National Fair Housing Alliance of one hundred fair housing organizations, 13 percent of organizations have seen an increase in sexual harassment complaints since the pandemic started. Some  landlords are even advertising “room shares” in exchange for sex on sites like Craigslist. Law enforcement initiatives in the United States, such as the Justice Department’s Sexual Harassment in Housing Initiative (2017), were created to address crimes such as sextortion for rent.”

There has recently been a trend on social media about human trafficking. We love that this topic is getting more awareness. However, just like anything that you read on the internet, we ask that you do your homework and make sure that you are not spreading things that are not true. This can cause more harm than good if it distracts us from the real perpetrators and issues at hand. 

Bain, C., & Shelley, L. (2020, August 13). The Evolution of Human Trafficking During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Retrieved September 16, 2020, from

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Meet Our Intern
Mica Arnold is New Hope’s very first intern and we are so excited to have her. Sex trafficking is an important topic for Mica that hits close to home. If you haven't already, read the blog post that she wrote recently and look out for more blog posts to follow.

Mica is helping us to spread awareness. She will also be assisting in research projects and event planning. We love how excited she is to be a part of our team, and we hope to have her around for longer than just the fall semester. This is what she has to say about herself:

My name is Domica Arnold, and I am thirty-two years old. I come from a full-blood Native American family from Montana and was adopted when I was nearly the age of five years old because my biological parents were alcohol and drug addicts. Our adopted parents wanted to adopt “special needs” kids, and because we were severely malnourished and behind in our growth, we fit those labels. I was raised in Ozark where I attended school, graduated, and pursued a trade in Cosmetology at ATU-Ozark.  Over time, I have realized that I have a story and I can help many people.

I have been married for ten years, my husband and I have three daughters and are currently raising my sibling’s four children for personal reasons. I have decided to go back and further my education because it is something I believe God wants me to do in order to do his will for my life, not only to help others around me, but to also help my own kids throughout their school years.  I want to set an example of what dedication and hard work means and to show them that furthering their education after high school graduation is needed for them to continue to succeed in life. 

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The Prayer Team
If there is one thing that you need to know about New Hope, it might be that we believe in prayer. In fact, we have a whole prayer team. This is a special group of volunteers that are dedicated to the task of praying for every aspect of our organization. These prayer warriors may not know all the details, like survivor’s names, but that does not stop them. We know that talking to God and asking for what we need works. We have seen it happen as our many prayers continue to be answered! 

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How To Get Involved

If you are passionate about the topic of human trafficking, then we need your help. It’s so easy to get involved! Step 1 is to fill out our volunteer questionnaire. This helps us to know what you are interested in doing and the best way to contact you. Below is a list of opportunities to help, but if you have an idea that you want to pursue, we are more than happy to assist you. 

  • Social Media
  • Event Planning
  • Public Speaking
  • Grant Writing
  • Mentoring
  • Construction Insight
  • Business Background
  • Skills or activities that could be done with students and mentors
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