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Five Things You Can Do Today To Combat Trafficking

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Human trafficking has been increasingly visible on news and media sources in the recent weeks. Yet as it grows on a mainstream media scale, it hasn’t changed as drastically in just this year. Thankfully more people are hearing about it, but seeing trafficking end will take our nation changing to see true reduction.

What are 5 things you can do today to make a difference?

  1. Educate yourself:
    This may seem small but there is a lot of misinformation about trafficking. For example, kidnapping is not the most common means for someone to be trapped and trafficked. The most common is through someone they know. Coercion and manipulation run deep in trafficking and for those deceived into situations, often the reality isn’t apparent until its too late to escape. Read this article to find out some common misconceptions. Also, Polaris and Blue Campaign are good resources for learning more about trafficking.
  2. Share what you learn: Did you learn new things in those articles? Find surprising facts from those websites? Sharing this information with friends and family helps to spread awareness. Just make sure that your facts are coming from sources that are trustworthy. New Hope posts information and articles on its Facebook page. You can follow there for easy to find information on what is happening in our state and nation. Its also an easy way to share what you learn with others.
  3. Pray: New Hope is a faith-based organization and we know the difference prayer makes. Every area that pertains to trafficking needs intervention of a divine magnitude. Pray for:
    • The restoration of trafficking survivors
    • An end to the demand for trafficking from buyers and traffickers
    • Reform in our government and courts to support survivors and prosecute traffickers
    • Those rescuing, caring for and legally defending trafficking victims to stay strong and have wisdom

    So many areas, with so many needs when it comes to trafficking but we have a God who is bigger!

  4. Give: It doesn’t take much to make a difference when we all give. That goes for organizations big and small that need support. At New Hope we rely on donors to keep the organization moving forward with projects like our mentoring program, community education and building our shelter program. Every bit helps to see lives restored, renewed and rebuilt.
  5. Volunteer: There are many ways to volunteer at New Hope. From mentoring to helping with fundraisers to taking pictures, there are areas for all skill levels and skill types to be involved. Get started by filling out our Volunteer Questionnaire. You can find something that fits your time and talents. We also have periodic volunteer training events so you can learn more and be prepared to get involved.
Christie MooreFive Things You Can Do Today To Combat Trafficking

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