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Wrapped In Light

It's not crazy of me to hope for peaceful times and lights surrounding me and hope... And to feel the swell of my soul being loved. But if I can have it in my little world then it's not just mine to have.

See The Signs

This article is really aimed at parents. It may rub some the wrong way, but you know you want the best for your kids, and that takes honesty.

Operation Cross Country IX

We received wonderful news this week! The FBI, along with many law enforcement agencies from across the US, concluded Operation Cross Country IX resulting in the rescue of 149 children and the arrest of over 150 pimps and other associated persons.

What You Need To Know About Trafficking

100,000 children sexually trafficked in the US each year (Polaris Project) 12-14 is the average age of entry of girls into prostitution in the US (US Dept Health and Human Services) 1 in 6 Runaways reported to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were likely victims of trafficking (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 2014) 20.9 million people enslaved worldwide, 5.5 million children worldwide, 98% of sexually exploited persons worldwide are female (International Labor Organization)

On Building And Being Built

As I build, I am also built. And when it comes to building Art, New Hope is one of the many tools on God's workbench.