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Operation Cross Country IX

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We received wonderful news this week! The FBI, along with many law enforcement agencies from across the US, concluded Operation Cross Country IX resulting in the rescue of 149 children and the arrest of over 150 pimps and other associated persons.

Operation Cross Country was originally spawned from an FBI initiative called “Innocence Lost”. That’s noteworthy because to date, the Innocence Lost program has resulted in the rescue of approximately 4,800 sexually exploited children and over 2,000 convictions of pimps and others associated with these trafficking crimes.

Now, we all know that for us to see an end (or even meaningful reduction) to sex trafficking, there are many things that ALL need to happen well. We need education that addresses demand, laws that provide harsher punishment for perpetrators, identification and rescue of victims, restorative care for survivors and a host of objectives that will make these things possible.

The FBI has set the pace now for nearly a decade and proven their ability to intercept and rescue children, and legislatively, we’re making good progress as a nation. But the danger to the kids, even after rescue, is real. It’s time now for us to step up and care for the kids, and that will take the dedicated service of us all.

New Hope has undertaken to build restorative services and shelter here in Arkansas, and we need you! Whatever your talents, there’s a place where your impact can be felt. Join the fight, and we’ll make a place together for the children.

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