Elisha Moeller

2017 Focus Areas – Part 3

Are there areas in your life that need focus and intentional time? Well, what are you waiting for? Start that intentional time right now and figure out what those focus areas need to be!

2017 Focus Areas – Part 2

These focus areas aren’t meant to be a to do list that is complete, but a lifestyle change that sticks around for the long haul.

2017 Focus Areas

When praying over what I hope to accomplish in 2017, I was excited to think about what I was going to get to mark off my list this year. What came to me instead was this anti-resolution list of things. I say anti-resolution because these goals aren’t things I can accomplish and mark off my to do list.

Children as Commodities

The first time I heard about human trafficking was at a women’s conference at church about seven years ago. While I watched the short documentary, ... I was in disbelief. This couldn’t be real. How could we live in a world where children were being sold for sex to adults?